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Reflections and crappy Wifi.

As a small piece of advice, I suggest that one does not wait until the day a reflection is due to post the reflections if you aware that you have shoddy wifi and problems often occur. *eye roll*

This past week I spent a lot of time trying to define blogs and trying to link. Linking I have figured out. For example, I can now link to this blog confidently (it’s Cute Overload and I love it). Defining a blog, however, has been a thorn in my side. I can’t do it, but I am ok with that. Just researching blogs and the different types has been very insightful and useful to me. Prior to starting this class, the only times I ever thought about blogs was when I saw a funny tumblr post or when I saw a coffee drinking, glasses and beanie wearing hipster in a coffee shop and just assumed that they were blogging. Blogs were never a part of my life before but I am seeing so much potential in them. Not being able to define what a blog actually is has, ironically, made me understand them even more. The second I stopped trying to define a blog and I started just looking at different blogs and noticing all of the differences among them, I started to see why people use them and the potential that blogs have.

I am excited to continue learning about blogs and I might try and set up another blog or a personal blog, just because I can and know how to now!

My work for the week

What is a blog? What do Bloggers do? pt 1

What is a Blog? What do Bloggers do? pt2

What makes a blog a blog?



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