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What is a Blog? What do Bloggers do? pt2

As I furthered my search on what a blog is and what bloggers do I cam across a post titled What Does a Blogger Do? Top 38 Things. Now when I found the post, I figured it would enevitably end up being about how bloggers make money and about “How you too can make money by blogging from your own home!” but the list of 38 thing actually ended up being a wonderfully appropriate example of my previous thought that cramming what bloggers do into a single definition is nearly impossible.

I continued my search and eventually I ended up typing “why is blogging popular”. I shifted my angle to look more at why people blog in the first place. I actually ended up finding a post by Dragan Palla titled Why is Blogging so Popular? 4 Reasons to Start Your Own Blog . The four reasons listed are all wonderful answer to the question “whats the point” when it comes to blogging and the article really lays out all of the benefits that can be the products of blogging.The other thing that I like about this post is that it describes how anyone can start and maintain a blog.

So much of blogging is still so unknown to me and there is so much that I am taking in every day. In an attempt to understand blogs, I ended up confusing myself even further, and I’m ok with that.



One thought on “What is a Blog? What do Bloggers do? pt2

  1. I to am finding blogging to be much more than I had previously thought. I fully agree that there is real value in blogging in the manner which your links demonstrate. Content based on research, and the development of a community geared towards information vetting and sharing.


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