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I’ll never be an olympian

Today I watched the National Figure Skating Championships while attempting to skate myself. I normally watch this every year and when the time comes around, I watch Olympic figure skating religiously. One thing is for sure though, for as often as I watch figure skating I am horrible at it. I am that person who knows all the lingo and will criticize a poorly landed quad while my arm is elbow deep in a bag of Doritos, watching comfortably from underneath my blanket on my couch. Any way, tonight the bruises on my knees and thighs lead me to believe that I will never be as good as Karen Chen, I will never have Maia Shibutani’s grace and ease on the ice, and I’ll never be an olympian.

It’s slightly embarrassing, being worse than the five or six year old child on the rink.

I’ll just learn to laugh at myself instead.


Notice: The boys were playing hockey. I was convincing myself that I could skate a straight line without falling over.


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