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2017 Bootcamp

Now that boot is over I am more confidante with this whole blogging thing but I feel as if i am still learning so much. As soon as I figure out one thing there is something else that pops up to give me grief! I am doing my best and slowly getting the hang of things but am, so, not even close to an expert.

One of the things that I feel fairly confidant about is linking. I seem to have it figured out. Below is a list of my required work from the past two weeks.

Hello >  The Struggle >  Twitter >  CC

I am still wobbly on navigating the system but I am getting better. I keep finding myself comparing myself to a toddler. I am shaky and learning but absorbing so much of what I experience. Lately I have taken to the discover page on my reader. I broadens my horizons to other bloggers and pages I would not have otherwise thought about following. It also brings up posts that are completely random and about something completely asinine but are captivating and interesting and completely out of my normal realm of internet literature. This also seems to be a wonderful tool when searching for opinions. It is easy to search a topic and find arguments for both sides.

I am still struggling a little bit with determining what to blog about. When the blog posts are not guided by some standard for the course I find myself sort of at a stand still for what to post about or when to post. I am sure that as this course proceeds that I will become more confidant about what I post but for now, I guess Ill just gripe around in the dark until I find my way.

I don’t ride the struggle bus, I drive it.


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