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I have little to no experience with copy write work. The most I have really been exposed to it are those short few second each year being told about plagiarism when writing papers at school. That being said, I ended up having to do a lot of research to gain just a little bit of knowledge. I am aware that what I gathered is just the tip of the ice burg. To put it simply, I was able to deduce that without copywriting material, anyone can use it without consent from the author. I also learned that there are sites like creative commons that can assist an individual in copy writing their work.


I have never actually thought about copywriting any of my work. Perhaps because I was uneducated about it. I also, however, didn’t really put anything up that I thought should be copy written, I see now that that is not necessarily true and that anything that my mind produces could potentially be protected and used only with my approval.


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